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Mental Concentration

Let’s face it; the game of golf is 99% between our two ears. Yet the majority of golfers spend 99% of their time bashing golf balls to improve technique. You need to create balance in your practice and that includes the mental side of the game.

Golfers Mental Profile

Bobby Foster has created a simple, yet comprehensive, tool that is accurate at assessing who you are as a golfer. If we know our foibles, we can turn them into our strengths. This particular tool is used by the Titleist Performance Institute and by many of the top teachers in the country.

Your report provides an accurate picture of your golfing personality and customized strategies for these areas of your game:

Golf Temperament / Pre-Round Prep / Playing Shots / Course Management / Working with Instructors / Golf Fitness Tendencies

To explore your golfing personality further, click on the Mental Profile link below. Take the profile and answer all the questions asked. 

Mental Profile 

After completing the profile you will then receive your comprehensive report and personalized strategy plan. Put it into action and create the perfect balance in all aspects of your game.

Please Note: There is a $75.00 fee for this service.

Follow-up consult with Jane Frost to go over the results and discuss improvement strategies will be billed at the regular hourly lesson rate.


Focus Band Training

Want to validate and learn what THE ZONE is all about? Jane is a certified practitioner of The Focus Band. This is cutting edge technology that is currently being used by PGA Professional Jason Day and others. Come and learn how vital the pre-shot routine is as it sets the stage for being in the zone and creating successful golf shots. No more paralysis via analysis! Private and group programs available. Contact Jane for more information.


Also Available in 2015

Game Your Brain with ThinQ Golf!

Some of you have had the priviledge of meeting Dr. Debbie Crews here at The Jane Frost Performance Center. Well now you can benefit from all of her years of research by actively improving your on course performance via her new venture - Thinq Golf

Improve your game by improving your mental game:

  • Improve the mental aspects of your golf game through a suite of brain exercise golf video games.
  • Improve your mental balance and perform better on the course by fine-tuning your Awareness, Synchronization, Attention, Adaptability and Intention.



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