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These guys rock. They are the leaders in short game training devices and are expanding their offerings continuously. Their entire site exudes excitement for learning and improving. EyeLine Golf is a great resource to visit multiple times. The Jane Frost Golf Schools is proud to be affiliated with EyeLine Golf.

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Created by the experts at EyeLine Golf so you know it has to be good. This program will allow you to Plan, Track and Improve. Knowing how many fairways you hit, how many putts you have along with other helpful stats can be valuable to you and your golf professional at devising an improvement strategy that will truly allow you to reach your goals. Plus, this system allows you to create your own personal par rather than comparing yourself to the experts’ par, which is what we see on scorecards every day. It’s like skiing; you select the slope that matches your skill level rather than there being only one option of the experts’ slope. Great concept. Sign-up today and begin to understand the areas of your game that truly need improvement…it’s not always about the swing!

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Trainer By far one of the greatest full swing training devices ever invented. By swinging this trainer only 5 to 10 minutes each day you will see improvement in the following areas: A synchronized swing; Better rhythm and timing; Strengthens the ever important core muscles; Improves your flexibility. Everyone could benefit from this fabulous tool. Get yours today!
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This is THE place to find great teaching and learning aides. Thank you to Dr. Gary Wiren for putting together such a great selection all in one place. You will find many of these “toys” being utilized at the Jane Frost Golf School. Now you can begin your own collection and enjoy learning in your backyard. Click the link and begin the improvement today. ADDED BONUS: At checkout put JaneFrostGolf as a discount coupon and receive 10% off all purchases.

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The Smart Stick is a golf swing-training tool that provides continual, visual feedback throughout the entire swing. It utilizes green lasers and an innovative wrist bar that will teach you the flat left wrist at the top of your swing, how to hinge your wrist 90 degrees as well as how to maintain club head lag on the downswing. With the green lasers the Smart Stick can be used indoors as well as outdoors. The Smart Stick is a result of the tireless dedication by one of golf’s premier teachers, Mr. Martin Hall, recently ranked #12 of all teachers by Golf Digest. The device works by teaching the three P’s of the golf swing: Plane, Power and Precision.

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GolfSmart has a complete line of golf books, DVDs, gift items, training aids, greeting cards and more! You’ll have access to an extensive, and constantly updated, inventory of over 800 products. Whether you are interested in the latest golf literature or are looking for a gift for that special golfer in your life, this is the site that can fulfill the order in no time.

Let’s face it; the game of golf is 99% between our two ears. Yet the majority of golfers spend 99% of their time bashing golf balls to improve technique. You need to create balance in your practice and that includes the mental side of the game. Bobby Foster has created a simple, yet comprehensive, tool that is accurate at assessing who you are as a golfer. If we know our foibles, we can turn them into our strengths. This particular tool is used by the Titleist Performance Institute and by many of the top teachers in the country. Your report provides an accurate picture of your golfing personality and customized strategies for these areas of your game: Golf Temperament / Pre-Round Prep / Playing Shots / Course Management / Working with Instructors / Golf Fitness Tendencies To explore your golfing personality further, click on the Mental Profile link below. Take the profile and answer all the questions asked.
After completing the profile you will then receive your comprehensive report and personalized strategy plan. Put it into action and create the perfect balance in all aspects of your game. Please Note: There is a $75.00 fee for this service. Follow-up consult with me to go over the results and discuss improvement strategies will be billed at the regular hourly lesson rate.




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